Saturday, October 20, 2012

Open Minds in an Open House

 History faculty and students at October's open house event.

Many high schoolers looking to enter the sometimes uncertain world of higher education these days frequently view History as an endless stream of meaningless names, dates, and factoids.  But History is much more than that.  The past is the story of momentous events, revolutionary ideas, and ordinary people transformed by circumstance.  It also remains a blueprint for the future and a means of allowing us to sort through some of the most important and compelling issues in life.  This inter-disciplinary field is applicable to numerous courses and professions.  These are just a few of the issues we discuss when teaching History.  Today, we were part of a campus-wide open house for Penn State Altoona.  We met a number of prospective students who reveal great potential.  Here in the Department of History, students have a host of opportunities available to them.  We have traditional options such as original research, writing, and creative projects.  There are also Public History opportunities in the realm of museum studies, historic site activities, and historical interpretation.  Opportunities are endless.  We hope we can help make this venture a reality.  Thanks for visiting!

One of our History Department's new logo banners.

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